What is happening? 

Realisations have dawned upon me. How I seen what was laid before me and thought I understood, I was wrong. I thought the world was waiting to be woken up, it has never been God's plan to save the entire world. I know God still creates miracles and I was sure there were more to come in my life for how else would everyone listen to me and what I have to say?

The fact is that everyone is not to hear the message I offer, religions will still be divided after I have finished explaining all that I have been shown to understand. What I thought I had to teach was merely for my own understandings. I prayed for indisputable proof, to allow me to show to the world what has been shown to me but there will be no such shows. Such shows would convince but a few for a brief moment to those that would lose faith so easily.


I am not really sure where to start on such a multi faceted explanation, but an obvious question is how could such a loving and powerful God allow his favourite son such a gruesome death? The greatest poem I ever wrote was about the scene in Heaven as Jesus was crucified, sadly my wife did not agree that I should write such a thing and it was thrown out long ago.

It spoke of the tears in Heaven as all the Angels and God himself watched on as Jesus was to be crucified. Even Gods greatest warrior Michael screamed at God to stop such a brutal torture, but still God watched as we chastised his favourite son.

The explanation can be brutal, the understanding can be loving but no church has ever touched on why Jesus had to die.

A friend of a friend would sleep with his sons pillow every night so that he could still smell him as he cried himself to sleep. He sacrificed a son through the most gruesome of circumstances. One son came running to his father on Fraser Island that the dingoes had his brother, his son led the way to where his brother was taken by the dingoes. though his realisation would have been that his son was already dead as he seen the dingoes eating his son, he still had to try and save his son. but as he chased the dingoes away from his son, the dingoes turned on his other son so he had to make a choice. With such a grim hope that his son was able to be saved from the dingoes or save the son that he knew could live?

God cannot save everybody, many will suffer through choice of their own and many will suffer through no fault of their own but we all have the power to save ourselves to life everlasting

Gods law is unchanging, for every sin there must be a sacrifice. No Jesus did not die so that we could sin, but Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice so that never again would a sacrifice need to be offered. To offer a sacrifice to God is to acknowledge your wrong doing and offer a token of your sadness for your crimes against Gods law.

To love Jesus and to truly mourn the price he paid, any sacrifice you could possibly offer will only belittle the greatness of the love he showed the world. So all our sins still require a sacrifice, but without the love of Jesus, any sacrifice you can offer is an insult to the price that has already been paid.

So when Jesus said that you enter the Kingdom of God through me, if you have no love in your heart for this man that gave his life for you, then you are not paying any penance for your sins

So a loving father gave his favourite son as a sacrifice so that all his other children might have a chance to live the everlasting life. 

Jesus was also a demonstration to show truth in scripture, that God would not allow you to suffer any more pain than what you can endure. Though I have touched on this else where in this site, I am not saying that there is no pain as torture I am sure is often very effective, but we have built in limiters (that apply in most instances) that ensure that Gods promise is true.

Now after all this, Jesus is not the only way to God but for many of us he is the way, read elsewhere on this site to understand this. Though I deliberately do not share the ultimate penance to get through the back door of Heaven as I understood through scripture, if I ever meet the Annita Coby murderer then I would be happy to share this information and invite him to try.

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Sadly this is still not enough for so many and in this day and age that is totally understandable. So many of us want that undeniable proof before we will believe but you won't even bother to look. You just don't know how blessed you are through Jesus that you can afford to sit this one out for now. And that what it comes down to, maybe when I'm old/older I will seek, but for now I am just enjoying life the way it is.

In scripture "Ecclesiastes 1:7" All streams flow into the sea but the sea is never full. To the place the streams come from, there they return again. This is an explanation of the water cycle way before science could explain it. And even further still we find in "Job 26:7"  Over empty space, he suspends the earth over nothing. This my friends is how the earth looks from the space shuttle, knowledge way before its time. 

Noah is a stumbling block that cannot be overlooked for we know for a fact that the entire world did not flood about 8,000 years ago. The scripture of Noah must have been recounted by himself or one that was with him and they recounted what they knew. As far as they could see of the world, all that they knew was flooded. To them, their entire world was flooded and this is what was attempted to recount.

Science has identified that all human DNA originated from the Kalahari Bushman (yep, from the movie "The Gods must be crazy!") and their descendants walked across Europe through Asia and down to Australia around 40,000 years ago. Do the maths and you will find Aboriginal history predates biblical history by roughly 32,000 years. Apparently the ocean levels were about 40 metres lower back then and the Aboriginals were able to walk across from Asia as we do not like to think that Aboriginals were smart enough to be sea faring folk though they did invent the wing used in modern aircraft over ten thousand years before we did and called it a "Boomerang".(This would mean the waters between Australia and Asia are no more than 35 metres deep to allow a casual walk across between continents) Any way, we have no evidence or records that the Aboriginals in Australia built an ark or had a flood for 40 days and 40 nights. Though there was some pretty bloody big kangaroos standing as tall as trees and there was probably some pretty big fish as well Jonah.

The point is, not untruths in the bible but mis-understood interpretations. Sadly, God has sent prophets and they have been mis-understood, mankind is writing our own doctrine to make religion easily sold to the masses and poor judgement is no defence when we stand before God. We can all see what is written, we all need to question what is being taught. God gave the law to Moses as the ten commandments, no prophet has had or will ever be given authority to change the law. Jesus never said he was changing the law but Christians are taught right around the world that the law did change. It is so much easier to sell a watered down version of faith but that version will do you no good in the last days.

​Greetings, I am adding an email that you may contact me through. saintan@religionfordummies.com 

How about a little bit for the science buffs out there who love accepting these wonderful theories without actually putting in an ounce of thought. Oh yeah, lets fly away to a new galaxy and find a new world, awesome idea but lets cut back on the drugs a little and examine this.

Here on earth we have a drag co-eficient which basically means if you apply a set amount of energy then the speed you attain will be a balance of energy applied to resistance applied hence gravity gives us a maximum falling velocity through air resistance.

Now space may look as empty as some of your heads but this is not always the case (can't speak about your mug) as space is quite rampant with all sorts of things. On average you would find around 2 atoms per square metre in space and if you sampled one of these star forming regions with massive hydrogen clouds then you would find around the 20-25 atoms per square metre. Add to that a whole lot of rocks that vary in size from grains of sand to unknown planetoids. Hit these obstacles at speed and you have a problem and maybe a hole on your space ship and head. So yes I will grant you the force field you always wanted to put on the space ship you always dreamed of and a nice robot to warn you of any "DANGER WILL ROBINSON".

But the same basic theory applies, energy applied will be met with a drag co-oeficient limiting speed again. But we can go pretty damn fast right so we are sending a colony into space that will travel for endless generations till they find a place to call home.

Now we can barely stay civilised on our own planet, and this colony could possibly arrive in what condition? No morals I assure you, human nature I am afraid. Get over it, you are stuck here.

Science buffs, you aint going anywhere.

Aim- Stephen Hawkings will admit the Bible has it right.

Method- Apply common sense.

Life according to science begins with "primordial Soup" being struck by lightning and thus creating the first simple proteins to evolve into life. Science has that pretty much proven beyond reasonable doubt and people won't accept us Christians hiding behind our bibles screaming "You got to have faith!".

Let me introduce myself, I am Saintan and I am here as Gods personal legal representative in this messed up world. Just quickly, it will take but a moment to explain a fallable link between scriptures and science.

Take one "ACME time machine" from "The Road Runner Show" and we are going to market and sell "ACME LIFE, Just add water."

Back in time to collect a whole bunch of these primordial soup puddles before life started, there are bound to be plenty of them all over the place. We will collect the murky waters out of these puddles into a container and then dry out the base of the puddle to form a dry crust. You could peel out a crust similar to half a tortoise shell. Collect these and bring them back to the present day.

For packaging reasons I would like to sell ACME LIFE in hand dandy take home bags. The murky water in the container we just evaporate the water off and get left with a hard disk of crusty stuff and I will probably grind that up into a fine powder to place in a small plastic sachet.

The big crusty shell I would send to the rock breakers to help me package it, I want it crushed. How fine do I want it crushed? Pretty fine I'd say. My guess is that I want it ground all the way to dust. And God took the dust and blew life into it.

Stephen Hawkings would admit that you would reasonably expect, that if you could get such a "ACME LIFE", if you replicate the conditions and just add water then wait for lightning to strike, you should indeed create life. When the lightning strikes, smoke will form and from this smoke God created Adam. (The Koran mentions smoke in the creation of Adam, smoke being a loose translation to encompass dust)

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​When truth matters, I am Saintan and I hope I can help you understand the errors taught to us. The holy trinity is man made doctrine a mere 600 years old that claims God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one. Exodus 33;20 is the utterance of God "You cannot see my face for no man may see it and live". Many looked upon the face of Jesus and lived. Deut 5;8 "You shall not make yourself a carved image, any likeness of anything in heaven above or the earth beneath. You will not bow down or serve them for I am a jealous God"! When no church can explain why Jesus died so an unbeliever can understand, then the church itself does not understand. As brutal as the explanation is, it will be found here.(bottom of page)

Creation V's Evolution, without hiding behind a bible.

Did you ever go to one of them church's that refer to each other as "brother and sister" as they believe we all came from Adam and Eve? I have and I strongly suggest they re-read a bit of scripture and listen to what science has to say on the issue.

Firstly lets get one thing straight, the Torah to a Muslim is a Christians old testament so we are reading the same page from a different book and no prophet has authority to change any of it, God's law is not to be undone no matter how great you think your prophet is.

So what exactly was Adam and Eve? Gen 1:26 (NIV)  "let us make mankind in our image" and any church would have you believe with a little "hocus pocus" that Adam was created and we all came from this one act of creation. But wait, scripture has a little problem with this theory, so still in Gen we look at when Cain killed Able and had a little chat with God after the deed. Gen 4:15 So then the Lord put a mark on Cain so that no one who found him will kill him. That's right folks, the Torah and the Bible tell us that there were other people in the world outside of Eden.

Now we do have a problem that the ancient scripture needs to be translated and an accurate translation is not always possible as modern language does not offer a suitable alternative "word for word" from ancient writings but when you look at the entire picture you can get an idea of the intended message. God does not allow untruths in his bible but God does not wish to stop inaccurate interpretations. God always knew that Jesus would not be interpreted correctly by many as he also knew that Muhammad  would not be interpreted correctly by many as well. Please read on to see how evolution and creation can be one and the same as a limited time frame is only as limited as your mind allows it to be.

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