Where do Christians stand, or where should they stand to a Muslim? The prophet Muhammad was not against Christians so to speak, but did want to correct our faults and these faults have greatly increased over time. To roughly quote the Koran again in Cows 2:62, Believers who follow faith of the Jewish, Christians and Sabaeans that believe in Allah/God and the last days and does what's right will find rewards from the Lord God, they don't have anything to fear.
From a Muslims own scripture, Christians make it to heaven if we don't stuff up. But we have stuffed up big time sad to say, why is the Vatican so damn rich and can afford massive self proclaiming expenditures when just a simple "soup kitchen" to feed the destitute and homeless would seem more beneficial to bring lost souls back to God?
But the Vatican is not alone is it? Capitalism with all its horrors and Christianity go hand in hand in this modern world, now being rich is not a sin as God does encourage self betterment but it has become a very Christian attitude that we can be slightly dishonest as Jesus forgives. The rich adjust their tax returns so as not to pay a fair share, legally they can make a million a year and pay less tax than I do earning 50k a year, WTF? But hey, they believe in Jesus and even go to church. But it gets worse than that, DON'T IT? Share holders of public companies that really don't care about unethical and everything in between till you arrive at Mafia mentality of "Church on Sunday then Whack 'em on Monday" and go to a dumb ass confession where a priest will protect the crimes committed by some kind of man made code of silence and that sure as shit aint part of scripture.
Yep, the Catholic church has become pretty stuffed up but those sitting on the pews each week are not responsible for the ridiculous ideal bestowed upon them, though ignorance does not really cut it as an excuse in the last days of God, or your last days for that matter.
To many church's do a much greater wrong than that related to dishonesty, one massive problem is a Muslims main ammunition in labeling us infidels. How bloody obvious is it that idolatry has entered into the mainstream of the Christian faith? God is the creator and it can be said that God, the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit (The Holy Trinity) are one, but none more so than we as created by God are also one with him. The Lord Jesus is not to be worshiped and pray to his figure, that is idolatry, Jesus has become massively misunderstood and Muhammad tried to correct how we viewed our Lord Jesus the son of God.
It is true when Jesus said "I am the way" but we don't seem to understand the way to what. Lets go to Isiah and his vision of being in Gods throne, Isiah knew as a sinner he could not approach God till a Cherub took a burning coal from the fire with tongs and then with its hand place the coal upon the lips of Isiah and thus cleansing Isiah of his sins so that he could now approach the glory of God. How Jesus shed his blood for our sins I do not think needs an explanation as that is not misunderstood by many Christians, what Jesus does for us is to forgive our sins so that we may now pray to the creator of heaven and earth for without Jesus we are simply to dirty for God to even listen to let alone count us as one of his own.
Christians need to band together in true worship and it starts when we accept that we are wrong as most of the world is wrong. It is time to make things right in Gods eyes and luckily we have the Lord Jesus to help us.

29;6 He that fights for Gods cause fights for himself. God needs the help of none.

2;190 Fight in the cause of God those that fight you, but commit no aggression. God does not love the aggressors.

2;36 Against them, God is your all sufficient defender.

Do these seem contradictory to you? And then what if I add 8;12 I shall cast terror into the hearts of the infidels. Strike off their heads, strike of the very tips of their fingers.

Exactly the same as the holy bible, you can take so much of it out of text and it could appear to say what it does not. Yes the Koran can be read as an extremely violent means the achieve paradise and violence is by no means inconsistent with the God we Christians know but your local church likes to feel/teach that God has changed. "Turn the other cheek" is flogged again and again and we are taught that under no circumstances is violence permitted.

Yes the Koran speaks over and over of violence but most of the time it is in relation to standing up for yourself in the name of God but not always. So we ask why sometimes it just ordains violence for no apparent cause except that the unbelievers need to be killed, for example 9;3 When the sacred months are over, kill the idolaters where ever you may find them.

How I have understood the Koran is indeed consistent with the Old Testament so I can see truth in it yet it is I that misunderstand or to many others misunderstand what is written and the intended meaning. So the question is asked then, "why does the Koran encourage such violent acts?" The majority of such acts are with an explanation either before, with or after that explain basically that only after being attacked that you are able to retaliate but not always.

Why not always? I see it like this, take for example a year 6 school student during an English lesson. You would not expect by the time a child has reached year 6 at school that before every lesson a quick revision of all that was learnt before is gone over to make sure they understand. They do not need to learn the sound of the vowels and consonants nor do the need to go over simple punctuation. They are simply taught the new aspects and it is understood they remember previous lessons without the need to drum into their heads old information again and again.

I am not saying that we add what is not there to achieve a desired meaning, but through consistency we will find truth and you need to read the entire book to gain a reasonable understanding of the intended story. 15;88 As surely will God punish the schismatics, those who have broken up the Koran into bits and pieces.

No one has authority to simply go around cutting of peoples heads because their favourite part of the Koran says it is OK, yes there are times for war but heaven is no place for the blood thirsty.

48;20 Such was the way of God in days gone by, nor shall you ever find changes in the way of God.

Muhammad was a prophet of God along with Abraham, Moses and others of the old testament and Muslims closely associate with all these prophets as they should. God decides who is to be a prophet and we as humans have no authority to deny any prophet of God but only to discern which prophets are true and which are false. Prophets were sent by God to teach us and it is up to each and every individual to try and understand what each of the prophets have tried to teach us. There is one basic rule that all prophets of God must adhere to, they cannot change the law that was before them for only God has such authority.

Muhammad was a firm believer that Jesus was indeed a prophet of God and he did not ignore this fact as he tried to correct the way Jesus was understood, at no time did he refute the teachings of Jesus but only our interpretation of Jesus.

Now when Jesus broke the bread and shared the cup and asked that we do this in rememberance of him, he did not claim that if you did not do this then heaven would be denied to you, he did not try to set himself up as someone great that should be revered but rather just remembered. Jesus was without blemish or sin, a truly great prophet.

Muhammad though thought himself so important that he claimed all true Muslims must make the pilgrimage to Mecca, the place of his birth. This is a form of idolatry from a man who married an 8 year old child and had sex with this child when she was just 12. These are indeed faults and they clearly show that none of us are ever perfect except of course Jesus.

Now since this imperfect prophet Muhammad knew of Jesus, he understood he had no authority to diminish Jesus or ignore his teachings but only to show that Christians of the time did not understand him. Now to claim that some one is misunderstood then it seems reasonable that you would in fact understand yourself. Muhammad knew Jesus was a true prophet of God as he mentions Jesus many times through the Koran and as such a prophet even Muhammad had no authority to deny anything Jesus tried to teach. No one in this world has authority to deny any of the prophets of God, not before and not now. So why does a Muslim think they can ignore the prophet Jesus and just focus one the ones that suit them, when did God give authority to a Muslim to be ignorant? As a true follower of God, we must all attempt to understand all the prophets God has sent us. No Muslim has authority to say to God, "Your prophet is not good enough for us!" By the same token Christians should be able to see what Muhammad tried to teach about our misunderstandings of Jesus and the idolatry we practice.

"Behead all that insult the prophet" is becoming a popular theory and also this is leaning to idolatry to Muhammad as should you not rather say "Behead all that insult a prophet"? Do you put Muhammad above the prophet Moses? The Koran above the ten commandments? God gave us prophets so that we may learn, not that we may pick and choose to ignore some yet place another so high in our sights to the point of worship of just a prophet.

Muslims, time to be honest about your own and Christian scripture.

Over view of Christians and Muslims, are we separate?

We all want peace, even those doing the beheadings want peace. Though the method of their demands does not sit well with a lot of us. In the Koran and the same as in my Holy Bible, it is not hard to pick your favourite bit and mis-understand what the scripture is trying to say. From our Bible we can go to war and so to from the Koran.

Now the Koran is quite clear in parts that true believers should leave the unbelievers alone and God will lay judgment on them in the final days yet you can read in other parts  "Slay the unbelievers where ever you find them." Now that quote has to be the favourite bit of what is known as a religous extremist, it is in scripture plain as day so is it wrong?

In short the answer is both yes and no but there are ways to make it just a "no".

Though the text in the Koran does not waiver in that it says kill here but don't kill there seems to be a contradiction but is a failure to read around your favourite bit. Sometimes it gives the extra information before it says to go on a killing rampage and then in other scripture it will fill in the blanks after it says to go on a killing rampage but as long as you take in the whole picture the Koran is quite uniform.

Yes God gives a Muslim authority to kill in the cause of God any who attack them first. As the attacker, you can ask for a four month treaty in which time if you do not become a true believer and pay the Alms Levy then the killing rampage can resume. Did Christian Western society start that war? I think we did start it long before any who read this were born so scripture does allow the attacks to be relentless to those attacking Muslims. However, A Muslim cannot slay a true believer in God and the last days, the prophet Muhammad accepted the teachings of Jesus but not the interpretation that Christians have come to accept after Jesus had gone to the Father of all creation. Just like Jesus had no authority to take anything away from the God of Moses, he only added to it but not to burden us. Muhammad is the same as that he could not take anything away from the God of Moses. That God is the God of Christians and the God of Muslims.

Now as a Christian, we can ignore every prophet including Jesus and yet still be true believers in the God of Moses. As such, any Muslim that kills a true believer in the God of Moses that believes in the final days of God and pays the Alms Levy, any Muslim that kills such a person sins by their own scripture and sins against God and would have to cut his own fu**ing head off for a change.

16;124 Call people to the path of your Lord with wisdom and kindly exhortation. Reason with them in a manner most courteous. If you punish, let your punishment be equal with the wrong that has been done to you. But it will be best for you to endure with patience.

2;106 Forgive them and bear with them until God makes it know his will. God has power over all things.

2;136 God is your all sufficient defender.

13;36 our mission is only to give warning, it is for God to do the reckoning.

Now these are consistent with the teachings of Jesus but how hard is it to understand why Jesus was or why he was to die the way he did. The majority of what is written about Jesus is opinion by those closest to him within about 50 years after his death ( So I am taught and that seems fair enough) I would recommend the book off Luke for Muslims to read as the most accurate appraisal of Jesus we have available to us as it was written similar as to a piece of investigative journalism.

What the Koran teaches of the mother Mary though is far different than the Holy Bible but could offer an explanation as to the absence of Joseph. The absence of Joseph has never sat well with me but neither does the Koran offer a clear cut understanding, regardless Joseph is an inconsistency. Even in the Christian bible, it was an angel that came before Mary and enabled the miraculous conception of Jesus. Our God is a jealous God and it would be consistent to believe that if God did father a child with just a mortal woman then any man who even looked at Gods chosen woman would be hit by lightning on the spot, even on a clear sunny day. Yet the bible asks us to believe that God is willing to share his chosen woman with just a mortal man? God does not conceive with a woman and allows her to share her bed with another.

We can ask for definitive answers and explanations but we have what we have and we must use what is available to the best of our ability to search for truth within. There its no contradiction in any scripture as to what happens if we come up with the wrong answer.

It is unfair that I have had such physical proof of God and you are expected to believe that all you see around you could possibly be undone? Society has become so great, how could it possibly fall and by what power?

When you read about that power, there are so many signs and proofs that go beyond circumstantial which is why the wrong answer will bI know I am not so smart, I do not have all the answers but I do know I am here to give warning.

22;48 Never has God sent a single prophet or apostle to you with whose wishes Satan did not tamper.

I am starting with an explanation and an expansion of a point I have already made previously about Muhammad. There was a time when it was not unusual for a man to be given a young girl to marry, right or wrong there were many who considered this practice ethical and so Muhammad taking a child bride could be deemed as no sin or at least he believed it was no sin though he did understand there were sins regarding those you were able to wed.

33;50 Muhammad, God gives you permission to marry the daughters of your paternal and non paternal uncles and aunties but this permission is only given to you and no other believer.

Well, the best way to have the hots for your niece and take her to bed is to be a prophet and say that God says it is OK for me to *uck her. This is so far inconsistent from what any scripture teaches about God. Men have problems with sexual desires and we see further evidence of this from what I could call "The male version of the Koran."

37;35 as well as a few others of very similar nature. "You will sit with bashful dark eyed virgins", Virgins are promised a few times throughout the Koran to all who enter paradise. So how does this promise teach us to honor our wives. Our wives give us a life time of dedication yet once we all get to paradise they will be discarded so you can sleep with virgins and never have to stick it in that same old hole again.

How about I declare a female version revelation. 

God's true servants will be well provided for in gardens of delight. Sitting back on comfortable couches face to face and drinking from a goblet from a gushing fountain both white and delicious but will not dull your senses or confuse you. And there you will have at your disposal 7 foot tall muscular virgin angels uncountable. Each will have a larger penis than the one before and none shall suffer pre-mature ejeculation. Never again will you have to endure a sweaty slob poking around in the dark while you fake an orgasm for his pleasure.

Muslims and Christians

A quick note on the Koran thus far.

I wasn't sure how to start the above, I assure you it will not all be negative against Muhammad but I wanted to hit on the fault early. There is much more I need to dive into, sorry if you find they way I write offensive but I do have a point to get accross and believe like this it is easily understandable. I don't think I need to discuss all the notes I have made on the Koran but hope at the end the reader will have enough information to decide if what I speak is truth and by Gods will, I do have a message/warning.


​The Koran, the whole of it.

The violence