Our basics of law have not changed since day one and that is exactly how God likes it, unchanging. God gave the 1st laws and then man asked for kings and God gave us kings. Now the kings also had to follow the law but could add to the law as long as new laws did not contradict any existing law. A king could change laws made in his own court but could not change any law from the higher court of God. That very same principal has extended to this day as we have different levels of court. The supreme court can make rulings or precedent that a lower court must abide by. A local court can not change laws made by the supreme court and the supreme court can not change laws made by the court of God. That is why murder can never be made legal ("Though shall not commit murder." is from the court of God) yet the courts could write new laws allowing "manslaughter" as a non punishable offence.

From where I stand, I see the justice system has failed. Take Annitta Coby, the Murphy brothers and their friend for an example. That friend has no place in society for what he did to Annitta Coby, an atrocity to another human beyond any ones wildest night mares. Yet he sleeps comfortable at night, cosy in one of our warm prison cells and maybe even has his own colour TV in his cell next to his family photos.

God gave us the authority to judge our peers (Not turn the other cheek) and even pass sentencing to death as a lawful outcome to crimes fitting this length of punishment. You may have guessed if you have read this far that I am not exactly your run of the mill kind of Christian and as such I would be quite happy to chain the Murphy brothers friend to a meat ant nest and dip his toe in tomato sauce. That would start to be a death fitting for his crime.

Even after saying all this, the true law of this land has not been applied for you see the name "Coby" is of Aboriginal heritage and the only truly lawful laws of this land have been suppressed by the power of the gun for the last few hundred years when white man invaded this land.

Now it is lawful to invade a land and declare war upon it, to win that war and claim that land as your own to administer your own laws upon it. All that is within the law but this did not happen in Australia, with no declaration of war we murdered and massacred Aboriginals in their own land. In Tasmania we offered a bounty (kill them and bring in an ear to your local council as proof of the kill. Just like we still offer a bounty for the scalp of a wild dog, about $7 to $15 for the kill) to kill what was the "White Aboriginal or Grey Aboriginal. Until the 1960's the Aboriginals were still considered "fauna" in that they were classed as the same as native plants and animals, substantially less than human.

Now by law there is no "statute of limitations" on murder and we are still under the same monarchy that had jurisdiction over us then and we have now. Though the faces have changed, we still serve under the same yet revised constitution, the government today is a continuation of the same government from back then so is 100% liable for crimes against the people not covered by any statute of limitations.

The Australian government has shown constantly how corrupt it is, how they behave like children in parliment and generally have trouble following the rules. They write themselves rules while the rest of abide by laws because breaking the rules does not take you before a court of law. (But they do pretend it does)

This is a government we would be better off without and they are by no means recognisable by any definition of the law at any time in history as a lawful government. Having the power to enforce your law and being lawful are two different things.

You can't be an Ausie unless you listen to Jimmy Barnes or Midnight Oil (Well a Westy like me any way) and we just all love the classic from the oils,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejorQVy3m8E

Yeah, we could let the politicians keep ruining and selling off this land or we could entrust it back to its lawful owners.

Aboriginal law is based on fairness, and to Joe Average who is worried that he will lose his house that he spent 40 years working his ass off to pay it off here in Australia, I do not see how a law based on fairness would ever allow that to happen. Why don't we ask some elders who have actual authority in this land how they would view this land finally being recognised as Aboriginal land.

That friend of the Murphy brothers, I pray I get to see justice served on you. Annita belonged to this land, this land belonged to her, there is no plea to be heard for even your death will not suffice. Aboriginal people have the right to scrape off the prison that houses you from this land and dump it in the ocean for it is better you pollute the ocean than pollute society by draining it to keep you alive.

​Jesus, why?

An example of a Christian in the final day.

The Mormons are an interesting bunch to say the least when it comes to one of their sects at least. But the sects are pretty much irrelevant as a church that was based on corruption from the start and continues till this day.
Joseph Smith started it all and for what? He claimed he got golden tablets direct from God with the new scriptures written on them but most of his witnesses of these were his family members, and what ever happened to these tablets as we all know that gold is indestructable!
Joseph Smith was just a man that devised a way to get copious amounts of sex and made his own excuse to marry multiple wives from basically a Christian God. Till this day that is all the sects are about still, old men in power get multiple wives and often way before the girls (not women) are of legal age. The sects that don't agree with multiple wives, your origins are the same and your as stupid for believing the story of your founder as the scientoligists who base their faith on a fictional book by Ron Hubbard. Just because when Ron's book was 1st released it was in the science fiction section of the book store and it is now in the religion section does not make it any more believable.
Now while we are on the subject of under age girls having sex with older men, I have not got to this bit yet in the Koran but there may be a slight problem of a certain prophet who married an 8 yo girl and consummated the marriage when she was 12. I don't care how fast you think girls develop in the desert, this is a 12 year old girl. Now a 12 yo girl if given a child to rare is not only unethical there are also know medical reasons why this is bad for the development of a child. An adult can tolerate sleep deprivation having to breast feed a child at all hours but sleep deprivation to a child will not allow the brain to develop to its full potential.
I see one of 2 possible scenarios here, one is God did grow this child extremely fast and she became a woman by the age of 12 or this happened to show a fault in the prophet. Now the Muslims rightly so are against idolatry as is the word of the only true God. But when the prophet states that a pilgrimage is to be made to Mecca by all Muslims, this was the prophets birth place and it may seem this is an act of making one self worshiped, bestowing self importance on himself to claim that all must go to the place of my birth. I will pray on this for a better understanding but I do not get instructions from Angels nor God, I am left to study the material available to us all and offer an educated opinion. Please don't cut of my head, I do not say the prophet is or isn't anything, I am just pointing out what does not make sense to me yet. I am open to learning without the need for violence and welcome input on the subject.
Next cab of the rank is Jehovah's  Witness's, they state that they are the only chosen one hundred and forty four thousand that make it to heaven, the rest of you will rot in hell. Oh really? You must also not accept a life saving blood transfusion, even if it means their own baby will die without a life saving operation and there is no Christmas or birthday presents. Now the reasons for no blood for the JW's comes from scripture that is talking about preparing food to be eaten, the blood must be drained from the animal and returned to the earth before you eat it but they want to feel special about themselves and give it a special meaning that no one else has ever seen. But what about the poor kids who grow up with no presents? It is like the founders wanted a way to stop followers wasting money that they feel should be donated to the church and bugger the poor kids. But where in scripture did they get this from? It seems a horrible queen may have asked for the head of John The Baptist on a silver platter for her birthday and got it, so all birthdays must be bad. Christmas is the birthday of Jesus so no Christmas and no birthdays.  Apart from the brain washing they do, they do in fact follow Jesus and may have missed a point or two (few points short of a direction).
May we remind them that 3 wise men followed a star to Bethlehem and all gave quite rich gifts for the baby Jesus. These gifts in that time made what was a poor family quite wealthy and this would certainly have had an effect on the upbringing of Jesus and allowed him to become the prophet, son of God that he was destined to be. Pretty special and important gifts you tight ass bastards, get over it and buy the kid a present and let them have a life saving operation if needed..
The Seventh Day Adventist, what can I say except you make yourself special because you have your own special day, like any one cares that our calander is a day out after 2016 years.

Born Again Christians with the gift of "talking in tongues". This was a gift from God to give undeniable proof that he was one with the speaker of the gift. With the 1st utterance of the gift of tongues, those around him understood that the speaker of the gift spoke another language that was not his own, they knew the language from another land and knew the speaker of the gift had no such knowledge of this language but could speak it perfectly. In its day, this was proof of God but with education its time has passed for any one now can learn any language they want. God warns against being a side show in his Holy Bible and the jiberish that is now spoken as church's pretending to still have the gift of tongues is just a laughable side show. It is not an ancient language, it is a money making scheme using gullible followers.
Now the big one and what church of Christian faith is not guilty in this? God, there is only one creator of heaven and earth and he has always made it quite clear that we will not worship any other. Jesus is not God for he cried out to God from the cross "Father, why have you forsaken me?" Jesus is the son of God, a prophet to teach in the ways of God. When he claimed he and God are one, that simply means that he followed to the letter and agreed whole heartedly in Gods plan and  laws, they were of the one opinion.
Through the Koran we learn that after God took Jesus to heaven, God asked of Jesus if he told the people that they are one and the same to which Jesus said he had no authority to make such a claim and never did.
The Holy Trinity is a man made concoction, the Father, son and holy spirit are not one but 3 different entities. It does not help you if it was an unintentional error as God is strict that we only worship him that created heaven and earth. Your intentions may be good but your method does not qualify, worshiping Jesus is idolatry even though he may be the son of God. We are to understand what is written and not make up ideals that make us feel comfortable or to make the ideology  more marketable and easy to swallow.

A church was supposed to be the back bone of society, everyone donated to the church to make it strong during years of plenty but when a drought or famine hit the community, it was to the church everyone would turn for support. With the accumulated wealth of the church, this would see everybody through the hard times. The church upheld Gods laws and gave the community directions. So there is nothing wrong with a rich church, but why do we have so many rich church's and still so much of the world goes hungry?

Church's. Standing between you and Heaven.

Look around in all the Christian church's and you will notice God barely gets a mention any more. All the signs out the front mention Jesus this and Jesus that, it is so easy to sell the modern interpretation of Jesus and God is only mentioned because they believe God, Jesus and the holy spirit are one as the holy trinity. The holy trinity is a concept that is not that old yet the bible defines them as separate. For to long we have been coming up with our own concepts to make religion suit us while we remain ignorant about what is clearly written.

The concept we have that Jesus died for our sins is not a free pass into heaven for all sinners and lets face it, that is what the church teachers. Confess your love for Jesus and he already paid for everything you have done wrong, you may be starting to see how Jesus makes for a very easy sale unto the world. You may want it to make sense, but it doesn't.

Jesus died for many reasons, but so you can sin is not one of them.

Would the most popular quote by Jesus be "Turn the other cheek"? Here is where I have ran out of pages for the various subjects as this is or is not a point of law, the church teaches this but neither the church nor you believe it. You killed my brother on the left, do I now let you kill my brother on the right?

​What was/is a church supposed to be?

The best Christian I have ever known would be Mr A**********, a missionary spreading the love of Jesus at great personal costs. He is a very intelligent man being a retired scientist with his true passion of helping a 3rd world country to know God through Jesus, his works are truly inspirational.

In the last day he will stand before God to be judged, God has promised us we will be judged upon our works of this life. God explains through scripture that your life will be placed on a set of scales to weigh your good works against your sins, though we cannot know what weight God will apply to each and every great work or sin. We do know through scripture that idolatry weighs heavily against us, I would find it hard to believe that I would not see Him in heaven as I do not know what weight his good works will hold against his sin of idolatry.

It does not really matter if Jesus is the son of God or the child of an Angel (Nehalem),He is the greatest prophet the world will ever know and as such deserves our respect. To worship Jesus or to accept the Holy Trinity (God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one, incorrect) is an unacceptable risk that is really quite simple to avoid. Worship only the true God of Moses who created heaven and earth or pray your good works weigh heavily in your favour.

By the same scales will any of the various religions from around the world be judged, be you a Sikh or a Wicken or nothing at all, we are judged individually on all our works of this life.

What's with the different church's?

​Where is everybody standing today?

Speaking on all the various religions that appear to follow the one true God, creator of all heaven and earth, myself included of course. We are all the third book of Corinthians, an extension of Corinthians 1:10 where divisions of faith were appearing and this was happening so shortly after the death of Jesus. Muslims are nothing but another another division among our common faith, a misunderstood Christian prophet as well as a misunderstood Muslim prophet. Muhammad shows through the Koran he was simply trying to divert people away from the misunderstanding of Jesus and correct our faults. As a result, he became another misunderstood prophet. He accepted Jesus quite clearly and we need to accept him as simply another prophet and not a radical leader of extremist movements.

Ask in any church why Jesus died or just ask a friend and you will get pretty much the same answer. Jesus died for our sins. Ask how that works and you will start to get explanations that really do not make any sense but it can start to make sense if you asked the right question.

There are many ways to die and God has promised us that we will not endure more pain than we can bear, to ensure this to be true God has put in place a few safety devices in us. Now I was asked in the last week that if God was real then how can he allow so much suffering in this world though it was more of an accusation in that "Why does God cause so much suffering in this world?"

Heart attacks are painful, cancer is painful and even losing a child is painful. Watching a child throw their life away to drugs is painful, there are so many ways to feel pain and when it hurts we just want to blame someone and so it is all God's fault!

Now Jesus could have died many ways and stonings were quite the go back in his time so why didn't they just stone him to death and be done with it. No fancy trial, everyone wants to join in on the fun and no one stops throwing stones till he is dead, dead simple. But how cruel is this? Yes there will be a degree of pain involved but from personal experience I know the effect of "shock" and being hit in the head by a very large rock.

I did not see the rock coming and though I did feel a blow it was by no means painful. It was not that it nearly knocked me unconcious but the effects of shock lasted quite some time. Blood everywhere but no actual physical pain even though I was quite distressed and that was a substantial amount of emotional pain.

So did that poor young lady taken by a shark yesterday off the W.A. coast feel pain? She would have been terrified yes but physical pain? No. The brains natural reaction to an extreme situation takes pain out of the equation so that you can better deal with an extreme occurance. Your brain kicks in the adrenalin and gives you best fighting chance it can to survive.

If you survive such an ordeal, shock still keeps the pain at bay as the body starts to release endorphins. Endorphins being the body's natural pain killer, if you are being tortured then these endorphins are what will take the edge off the pain but not nullify it completely. If the pain gets to intense then the body's last self defence mechanism is to black out to an unconcious state.

All a very unpleasant experience to say the least but it is nice to know that God designed in us such mechanisms to help reduce our suffering.

Back to the question of why God causes so much suffering in this world and now the answer is Jesus. God has so much love for Jesus that He promised Jesus to sit by His side in the highest heaven. I think that people who have suffered as much as Jesus did are a rare few right through the entire worlds history (Annitta Coby) but God had to show that even though His love was great for Jesus, he would allow such love to suffer at the hands of men and Jesus did not let God down for his love.

Jesus showed that no matter what was done to him, he was able to endure and stay firm in his commitment to God. Now I am sure a lot of us could endure a bit more pain if we had a God that talked to us as God talked to Jesus, you could break his body but not his faith.

Now God has shown that there will be suffering and we are not so high and mighty that we will not suffer, nor is an innocent child immune to much suffering. But the question is, did that child suffer more than what God assured us it will?

​Jesus, the easy sell.

​The law.