Oh dear, our prime minister has been busted in the Panama papers, he claims he did not know. That would be like Martyn Bryant saying "I didn't know all those people didn't want to be shot, I thought they would be OK with it. I'm sorry."
Hey dick wad prime minister, you were running an investment banking company with the ex premiere of NSW that owned shares in a mining company and for some strange reason found the need for an off shore company. Politicians are not supposed to own shares in mining company's and he is your co-director? I call the bull shit card on this one. Yeah, maybe we can't prove shit as your a smart bastard and covered your tracks well but we all know this stinks of wrong doings and dishonesty. As an investment banker, you knew Mr Wrann who had just been voted out of office had a conflict of interest being a politician with a lot of shares in a mining company, cut the bull shit as you knew this was wrong but chose him as a fellow director. Your ethics are wrong to be the one in charge of this country, that was bloody dishonest even if not illegal back then.
If the prime minister can get away with saying "but I didn't know!" then surely any tax cheat currently under investigation by the tax office for being mentioned in the Panama papers could also claim "but I didn't know!"

Australians are so stupid, the story just gets swept under the carpet and no one cares because you are comfortable in your own back yard.

Swept under the carpet like it never existed, the public's ethics are as poor as Turnbull's. Lets TURN BULL Shit around.

Gay marriage

Prime minister Turnbull & the Panama papers

Lets have a look at some real pathetic Christians, we are called Australians. We are told we are the clever country but no one is sure who decided that to be true, sounds good though. We are actually a pretty gullible bunch as we seem unable to stand for ourselves. Mostly this is due to ignorance and a refusal to leave our own comfort zone, as long as we feel comfortable and our own back yard seems nicely trimmed then we do not want to rock the boat.
We do not mind swallowing lies and deceit as long as we remain comfortable, it seems standing up for ourselves against an incredibly corrupt system just isn't worth it yet we continue to complain while we lay down like a mongrel dog. You see while America has a constitution to protect the people, our constitution is all about protecting the parliament. Where else can a politician vote themselves a pay rise? Before I continue on with some corrupt behaviour, may I point out that if you have not heard a good rumor by 9:00am then you should start one.
We have a fuel levy that was sold to us around 50 years ago as the 3X3 meaning 3 cents per litre  on fuel for 3 years to pay for our new highways, now the levy rose and was extended and maybe even had a name change but we never got our roads. Now we pay foreign investors to build our new roads and we pay tolls to use these roads and still pay the fuel levy, one toll way is so wrong that it is a secret 99 year contract so any signatures on such a document will be long dead and unanswerable to what must be a corrupt piece of work.
While on fuel, lets look at another "CASH COW", I mean rumour. Now drag racers have known for ever that alcohol is not good for all the rubber in your fuel system as it destroys all the rubber it touches and the fuel system of cars was full of rubber.
Now there was an individual who wanted to produce alcohol to add to our fuel but there was a few problems. 1stly it was not economically viable to produce it for a non existent market  but if you had a very close relation in parliament that was going to give you a government subsidy to produce it then pass legislation to add it to some fuel at a ratio of 10%, all of a sudden it is a great business.  dishonest yes but easy money.

Australia, are you proud of yourselves? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ZaPqClrkFo

I would like to offer a suggestion to help your gun problem but 1st there is one other slight problem you have to deal with. Your biggest problem is that your constitution is being read by fools which is a shame for it was certainly not written by any fools. I know we all like to pick our favourite bit, religion being no exception but you seriously may need to borrow my glasses.
There may be a little mention something about a well formed malitia can bare arms from enemies without and within and not every young homie who wants to pop a cap in some ones ass.
You could offer real malitia training, compulsory even in high school for every boy and girl to at least know how to fire a weapon to defend their country. Just the offer of getting your hands on some hot military hard ware will make it an easy sell to the American people.
A simple defence strategy  is at least near every town hall is a weapons depot where militia can get access to appropriate weaponry, if that town hall even looks like falling I am sure there will be 3 more town halls within 3 hours of that town hall.
Now with that scenario we will miss out on one very important issue about guns and this is always going to be the catch that creates the problems. Let me explain by a little story that happened to me a while back and it will all be perfectly clear.
I have worked on a few rural properties and one of my morning tasks was to take an SKS that I kept leaning next to the front door and get the birds of the crop about a kilometre away so I understand weapon safety very well as I am also an experienced hunter, tanner, cooker. Well my little brother was coming up from the big smoke Sydney to rural QLD in the Darling Downs and I of course organised a little fox hunting expedition but the boss said I get the ammo so I made sure we were not going to run out. You have no idea how cunning a fox really is till you hunt them. I used the 12 guage to take out some cubs we came across as I couldn't ask my brother to do that but he will get his chance. We came across another on some channeled paddock  and he was aiming real nice and careful and all but only managed to get off 2 actual shots and a last desperate crack to no avail. The only other fox we found that night was about 20 yards from the last house on the edge of the small town of about 13 houses in total and a pub. So I removed the weapon from my brother as I told him that he just didn't understand the weapon in hand but I was willing to educate him on how to go fox hunting. So with the weapon snug against my hip, I managed to get of a full magazine of at 1:00 am before the fox got away. My bro laughing says "See you didn't hit a thing either!" to which I replied "but you see how much fun I had? Reload dick head."
Sweden is a good example of guns at their best but you can also look back here in Oz on how to lock the guns away but still have access. Sweden is neutral for a very good reason, Hitler knew it was not to be messed with and obeyed all the rules on his way through. Basically every home has an assault rifle so Sweden has no civilians.
Look around, adapt to suit and God bless America.

The following is thanks to the invaluable assistance of "Icemage".
A well regulated malitia, being  necessary to the free state, the right of the people to keep and bare arms, shall not be infringed.
What it does not say is, A well regulated militia, being necessary to the free state, the right of the people to keep on them selves or at home and in the dog house and bare arms at a moments notice, shall not be infringed.
Effective immediately, the law allows the police to start removing weapons from persons as long as the person is notified of where said person can get access to the weapon any time with an appropriate reason.

America, the guns & gays. Australia and farming the cash cows.

It may be possible for a gay man to stand before God in judgement with all the great works of his life and his great works out weigh the sin of laying with another man, news to some I am sure but I am also sure that you will all agree that a gay priest may be just a little hypocritical. 

Here is what marriage comes down to, it is a biblical union intended for a man and a woman. Beautiful in design as God intended. To all those that have no faith in God, be you straight or gay then you have no place to walk into a church and be married. A registry office has no right to call the lawful document they offer a "marriage certificate" nor does a celebrant with no faith have any jurisdiction to offer a marriage certificate.

Marriage is a declaration before God of your eternal commitment to another person, anything less is make believe which is fine for a child but when it comes to adults, make believe is referred to as "bull shit"

Just because modern law may allow you to do something, Gods law is the highest law and over-rides your point of view.

Modern law gives you the option of "de facto" when you want a union between two or more people that does not involve holy matrimony.

In the end we all answer to God but God allows us all free will to decide for ourselves in this life as to what path we will follow. If your path is unrighteous according to Gods scripture then do not try to take any part of it to suit your own purposes. The law gives you options, scripture does not.

Now there was a time when we could all get access to the only super fund in the country, it was a government one and is still around today being the best one to be in but most of the country has no access to it, it is only for special people now.
You see instead of being a massive fund that could be used for the benefit of the clever country, it was privatised  so private companies could make free money from our own self funded retirement funds. Now private companies can go bust and vanish of the face of the earth, apparently this can't happen but it has.

Whats the difference between a homie who wants a gun and a well formed militia? The 2nd amendment is not about gun toting homies. Homies are not a well formed militia, nor are entitled by the 2nd amendment to semi-automatic assault rifles. Your senate considers it political suicide to show they have a set of balls to do something about stopping the massacres. If it was their child shot in a school yard masacre then they may not care so much about political suicide and buying votes by soft cock political decisions. Stop reading you constitution for what you want it to say and start reading what it actually says.

The price of human life in Australia

Human life has never been worth much here in Australia. Hitler tried genocide but failed, Australia is the only country to ever to implement an effective genocide plan. I was once showed a license (It is possible this was a fake as history denies such ever existed though it appeared extremely old. If it was a fake for a joke then I am glad I sprayed him silver at the work Christmas party, not a single run in my paint work. He looked just like the Tin Man, the hospital said they usually get about 6 people that time of year painted red, green, blue ect but have never seen a silver man before.) belonging to a fellow workers great grandfather to kill Aboriginals but we went one better than that. In Tasmania the government paid a bounty on Aboriginals the same as we currently do for wild dogs with the only difference being you need a pelt from the dog to collect the bounty while an ear was all that was needed for the bounty on Aboriginals. Not sure which ear you needed though some one must have had the task to check all the ears to make sure the hunters were not double dipping on each kill. Apparently when Australia took a census in colonial times, Aboriginals were considered "fauna" and it was legal to eradicate fauna if it was a problem. No crime of murder for killing the local fauna.

Still, life is not worth much here so a few politicians can make a nice profit. How many politicians owned pubs and clubs when they made it legal for gambling poker machines to no longer accept up to a 20 cent piece but now can accept $100 notes. This allows you to insert your entire weeks wages in under a minute and spend it in under 5 minutes. This was not for tax but personal profit from blood money. We have lost count at the endless deaths, murders and suicides associated with addicted gamblers. I promise you bastards, all you politicians that signed off on that legislation will rot in hell for the deaths you cause.

Same story when the Equine Flu hit our shores, politicians do not care for farmers or their farm animals and the racing industry that pays so much tax would still survive if a few race horses died. Even if they had to unhook the milk cart just before the race and the Melbourne Cup takes 45 minutes to run the length. No, politicians have shares in race horses and friends with horse stud farms so we spent millions trying to contain it. Politicians look after their own interests, they always have and we as a country accept this as normal. Be it a local government taking bribes from property developers or re-zoning your own property to make massive profits or top tier politicians accepting a seat on the board of directors of multi national companies, swallow the bull shit Australia as it tastes pretty good doesn't it?

The superannuation cash cow

So what that it cost a fortune to build the infrastructure for a national Government owned telephone company, we sold half of it to private companies for a fraction of its value. And now there are companies that don't actually own any of it but they rent parts of it to supply the public a phone service to make good money from it. How is it possible for a private company to not actually own any part of what we still apparently own half of and charge us to use what we own? Bloody confusing to say the least.

The secret BHP & government rail way fraud

Corrupt politicians, the modern pay day.

America's guns and the constitution

Not so long ago that it aint so hard to remember, Sydney we getting brand new rail way line replacements supplied by BHP. It was very inconvenient that sections of a few stations at a time had bus's replace trains to allow the old rail lines to be replaced with new ones but finally it was all completed.
Sadly the steel was to mallable which means it was to soft. If you have ever seen an old chisel that has been hit time and time again, the top "mushrooms" over and can splinter of shrapnel if you continue to hit it.
Well our brand new rail line that should last a bit longer than a short while was mushrooming over from train wheels running over it and the mushroomed edges were being peeled off to leave what could only be described as metal splinters, the best one I personally seen must have been about 30 feet long and over that distance started at about 1/4 inch thick down to a needle point.
No one seemed to notice that within a few short years that all the rail line was being replaced again as bus's again replaced trains sections at a time.
Now the meetings between BHP and the government was never made public but BHP admitted that a mistake was made in supplying the wrong steel but luckily they were willing to supply the correct steel at a discount, how nice of them to miss out on a public liabillty claim so the share holders would still get a dividend and the tax payer are willing to pay the costs.

So many of our politicians in Australia are busted for being corrupt, as we all know if you bust a few then that is just the tip of the ice berg, lots more to be found out. In this day and age it is a lot harder to hide massive cash bribes as politicians used to receive as bank accounts are more transparent to investigation these days. But fear not, politicians have a way around that. You see they know they will not be in power for ever so deals are made with this in mind. You give my company the big government contract and when your party gets voted out of power then you can sit on our board of directors and do nothing except collect a massive salary. No one asks why a man of no relevant experience gets to pretend to run a large company. For some reason us Australians except bull shit explanations.

The Telstra cash cow